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Charge Reward Earning Period: Start: Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 11:00 AM PDT End: Monday, October 31, 2016 @ 23:59 PM PDT

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Remaining Points N/A
  • Stardust Pack

  • Safeguard Paperwork

  • Advanced Smelting Stone

  • Luck-Changing Bead

  • Bronze Gear

  • Collector Stone

  • Gear Essence

  • Spring Dawn Fashion Pack

  • Gem Chest V

  • Martial Majesty Pack

Congratulations! You won the


Grants a random amount of bound Stardust when opened

Book about modifying and enhancing the attack power of a Projectile Box

Golden matter that can be used to smelt Celestial Weapons

Resets your fortune upon using. Can be used up to 10 times a day

Gain 180 Projectile Box EXP after using

Exchange five for a card in the collector's fortune interface

Used to infuse a temporary buff to another gear item of the same level or to leve up your Gem Cleansing Stone

Contains a male or female Spring Dawn outfit and hat

Contains a random LV5 Gem

Contains one of the following: Burning Leech Scroll Pack, Gold Palm Scroll Pack, Ocean Blast Scroll Pack, Death Charm Pack, Ocean Blast Vol I, Ocean Blast Vol II, Ocean Blast Vol III, Ocean Blast Vol IV, Death Charm Vol I, Death Charm Vol II, Death Charm Vol III, Death Charm Vol IV

Charge Rewards

  • Dye Chest

  • Solid Tones Box

  • Pastel Dye Box

  • Chest of Stars

  • Dye Salts

  • Beautician's Note

  • Dye Box

  • Tiger Tamer's Hat (F)

  • Tiger Tamer's Hat (M)

  • Tiger Tamer's Tunic (F)

  • Tiger Tamer's Tunic (M)

  • Death Touch Scroll Pack


You redeemed ITEM



For every Sycee that you transfer into the game during the Earning Period your account will receive 1 Charge Reward Point.

Spending Charge Rewards Points does NOT spend your Sycee.

Your account will not be credited with Charge Reward Points until the Sycee is actually transferred to a server.

1 Sycee transferred to Swordsman = 1 Bonus Point (Example: If you charge 1000 Sycee you earn 1000 Points).

Many of these prizes will be bound to your character, so please double check the rewards before redeeming.

Charge Reward Points will be reset after this promotion.

Each charge raffle spin will cost 20 reward points.

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